An Unrivalled range of equipment, world-class group classes, and beautiful pools too

We all know it’s so much easier to stay healthy when you’re really enjoying yourself. For most of us, this means updating our routine regularly to keep it fresh and challenging. And with so much on offer here, there’s always something new to try. We have a beautiful pool, fabulous swimming coaches who are great with both adults and kids, plus the perfect place to relax your tired muscles – our jacuzzi, steam, and sauna.


Group exercise classes are a wonderful place to meet people who have similar taste and goals. The group effect is scientifically proven to help you maintain your motivation through support and inspiration and also gives exposure to a social and fun environment. We’ve got an amazing range of group exercise classes, plus superb equipment and the best instructors who’ll help you get the most from every session. We have studios specifically designed for different types of exercise.

The Mind & Body studio has yoga and Pilates classes, the group cycling studio by Les Mills is custom designed for 30 bikes to participate in either instructor-led or virtual cycling classes. Our High Impact Studio covers everything from interval training, such as Les Mills GRIT™, BodyAttack™; BodyCombat™, to circuit training and martial arts.

Group Cycling

Group cycling classes are designed to focus on endurance, interval and high-intensity training, strength and is a fantastic opportunity for getting in your weekly cardio. It is a low-impact exercise activity, ideal for burning higher calories in a short time, at the same time being very easy on the joints. We have instructor-led sessions as well as virtual cycling sessions. With huge screens simulating sprints and climbs in all sorts of different scenery, they’re really energising and take group exercise to a whole new level – and lots of new places!


We’ve developed a brand-new type of gym that integrates every possible kind of training in a really friendly, open-plan layout. On joining, you’ll be enrolled onto our brilliant Kickstart programme – a tailor-made programme that involves a range of different sessions with our experts, to help every one of our members get off to a flying start in their new club. So, whether you’re new to the gym and would like some guidance and help, or are a regular and want to get going straight away, your Kickstart sessions will be tailored to you. We have an amazing range of equipment’s and plenty of it too, so you’ll never have to wait.

We also have well-structured and supervised sessions for older children and teenagers in our gym, to help them learn to exercise the right way and develop a liking for regular exercise in a safe and proper way.

Personal Training

With our experienced trainers get to the best shape of your life!

Just like our amazing equipment and an unbeatable range of classes, our Personal Trainers are the best in the business. You’ll find them all very approachable and friendly, but they’re also really challenging. Whether they’re running group or one-to-one Personal Training, they’ll push you and keep you motivated. Every workout is tailored to all your wants and needs, that will transform your body in ways you never thought possible. We’ve rounded up the best and you’ll be amazed just how soon you see real results. Whatever your fitness needs are, our personal trainers will be with you to deliver the best results.


Swimming is the perfect low-impact workout, ideal for a full-body exercise. We have created an awesome outdoor pool for you to get in that much-needed cardio, and superb for cooling off on a hot summer day. We have expert coaching staff on-board to help you hone your stroke techniques and swim faster for longer. Our All Stars Swimming programme is a fantastic way for kids to learn the skills and get the confidence that they need in the water. Swim regularly with us and feel stronger, slimmer and stress-free.


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